2018/01/25 - Crowdfunding action

Dominique AEGERTER launched crowdfunding project

Dear fans

I go for it and “live fullgas”!

True to this motto, I live as a racer since I was a child. My dad told that to me - in his swiss country-side English - before every race. I still live up to this before each and every race; I do "live fullgas"!

As a toddler, I lapped my first rounds in front of our house in Rohrbach (BE) in my motocross sidecar and the motocross sparks immediately lit up a fire in me: the speed and the adrenalin never let me go. I started my first race when I was 5 years old. Today with being seven times on the podium, I am one of the best Moto2 racers in the world.

Unfortunately, the last couple of months have not been easy for me and my career seemed to have come to an end. The unexpected death of my team manager, Stefan Kiefer, distressed me very much. Additionally, the deal to sell the team burst at the last minute, which made the whole situation even more complicated.

With the help of sponsors, sport avid backers and KTM the survival of the minimalized team Kiefer has been secured for now. The be able to race against the best in Moto2, there is a need for much more than “just” the team.

Constant investments in improved technique as well as protection and spare parts are a must. The whole material and the team have to have transport. Wind tunnel trainings and additional test days are indispensable and cost-intensive. Who wants to be in best shape, wants to have the best preparation possible. This preparation not only consists of intense fitness and mental training, but also includes several preparation camps in Spain.

Therefore, a minimum of CHF 200.000 needs to be raised.

To cover those additional expenses, I do need YOUR help. Without you #domifighters I will not be able to race a the top this season. You have always been my impulse, my gas and my motivation! Now I need you more than ever. Have a look at

Have a look at the personal rewards you can benefit from and become part of the our #domifighters family.

I count on you!

Truly yours, Domi #77