2020/11/20 - FIM Moto2™ World Championship: Grande Prémio de Portugal / FP Report

#PortugueseGP: «Moto2 is incredible fun to ride at this rollercoaster»

The Swiss all-rounder in terms of motorcycle racing quickly settled back into his familiar surroundings as replacement in the Dutch NTS RW Racing GP Team.

The last race weekend of the year began with fantastic weather. Lots of sunshine and temperatures just over 20 degrees Celsius ensured perfect conditions at the newly re-surfaced track located in the hilly outback to Portugal’s famous Algarve coastline. Due to the new venue to World Championship’s calendar, teams and riders in all three Grand Prix categories were given more practice time on Friday.

In contrast to many of his competitors, Dominique Aegerter has come with good track knowledges to what is probably the most demanding circuit in the world. Nevertheless, it took Friday’s FP1 to adapt himself to the Japanese NTS Moto2™ machine again. But during the second session of the day Aegerter found his impressive speed again and improved by almost two and a half seconds on his morning’s lap time.

#77 Dominique AEGERTER (NTS RW Racing GP, NTS), FP1: P26 - 1´46.084 (21/22) / FP2: P18 - 1´43.662 (19/23):

"Portimao was no unknown territory to me. I knew the track from a superbike test. But with a Moto2 machine it is even more fun to ride here, although it is physically very exhausting. The same applies to set up the bike to this challenging layout. Because of the many uphill and downhill parts along a lap it is difficult to find the right balance. Moreover, it was not easy in the first session because I had to get used to the Moto2 and the NTS bike again."

"But in the afternoon, we made a decent step forward. At the end of the day we were only 0.7 seconds off the day's fastest lap time. But in Moto2 this only puts us in 18th place. So, no matter what track we ride on, this class is simply incredibly tight. But I am confident that we have taken a good direction to go and in doing so, hopefully we will be able to further improve on Saturday. Before that we will have a look at the data and analyse where I can still improve. Thanks to the team for giving me this ride here for them. It is a great pleasure to be part at the last race of the year."

#PortugueseGP - Moto2™ Combined Free Practice Times (FP1/FP2):
1 Luca MARINI / ITA / SKY Racing Team VR46 / KALEX / 1´42.941 (FP2)
2 Sam LOWES / GBR / Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS / KALEX / 1´43.123 +0.182 (FP2)
3 Lorenzo BALDASSARRI / ITA / Flexbox HP 40 / KALEX / 1´43.139 +0.198 (FP2)
18 #77 Dominique AEGERTER / SWI / NTS RW Racing GP / NTS / 1´43.662 +0.721 (FP2)

#PortugueseGP - Moto2™ Time Schedule for Saturday November 21st (CET):
11:55 - 12:35 FP3
16:10 - 16:25 Q1
16:35 - 16:50 Q2