Dominique Aegerter - Domi#77

I was born and raised in Rohrbach, a small, tranquil place in Langenthal, with a population of approximately 1400. Rohrbach belongs to the District, Oberaargau, and is located in the Canton of Bern. I still live there today, where my roots are! Early in my childhood, I came into contact with all sorts of vehicles and engines in my father‘s garage which he owned. I often looked over his shoulders while he worked. My interest in engines and their technology grew rapidly. Even as a 3-year-old boy, I was given a small motorcycle which I raced around our house. The neighbours were probably annoyed with me because of the noise,  that noise sounded like music to my ears. My inner urge to commit to motorsport grew stronger and stronger, and became difficult to ignore. This is when my long journey to become a motorcycle racer began.

At first, I became active in the motocross scene. I joined the children's classes, in the junior category, and I soon celebrated National success. In 2003, I switched to road racing and was ranked 7th in Germany, in the German ADAC Junior Cup. As a result, was accepted into the IDM (International German Championship) in the 125cc class. I drove many more street races there until 2006. I have been able to evolve, gaining valuable experience in all areas that a racing driver must gain for future excellence.

I was fortunate enough to be taken on by Olivier Métraux where he promoted me, and thanks to him, in 2007 I got the opportunity to compete for the first full season in the 125cc World Championship,  in the "Multimedia Racing Team".  The next year I joined the "Ajo Motorsport Team", rich in experience. There I was ranked 16th at the end of the season. In 2009, I was still in the 125cc World Championship class, with the same team but now renamed "Ajo Interwetten Team" and finished in 13th place.

In 2010, a new era began for me, and I entered the then newly created Moto2 class. I have been riding in the same team for several years now.

The 2013 and 2014 seasons were characterized by good performance and consistency. The team and I were able to enjoy regular top ten places. In both seasons, I finished the World Cup season in 5th place. The 2014 season was especially successful,  I celebrated a total of 4 podium finishes and the absolute highlight for me was my first and only victory at the GP of Germany in Sachsenring.

I had very dissapointing seasons in 2015 and 2016. I lost my enthusiasm, was a difficult time as my success began to decline.  In Aragon (E), I endured severe back and hand injuries from  a collision where I was not at fault. Shortly before the end of the 2015 season in Valencia, I had to take a long, unwanted and almost unbearable break from racing.

In the 2016 season I had a fall with unwanted injuries. I only had 2 races, but the consequences and the pain I was struggling with were often unbearable. But I wanted to race at any cost, to never give up, my motto was to carry on!

After much deliberation and consultation with my manager, we decided that for many reasons including sporting and technical reasons, to change racing teams for the new 2017 season. This decision did not go down well with my previous team, I was released for the rest of the season, for 4 races, respectively.  However, the closing balance of this season,  can still be seen in my view, I was only able to race in two thirds of all races, but still managed to finish with a 12th World Cup final rank. During my unplanned and unexpected  break from racing, I utilised this time to catch up with the previously and repeatedly postponed top sports recruiting school in Magglingen. Training and working with other competitive athletes from many other sports have enriched my life and sports experiences, made me stronger, and gave me new prospects.

As of the 2017 season, I was under contract with the German "Kiefer Racing Team", under the leadership of the brothers Stefan and Jochen Kiefer. I was happy that I was able to drive with a SUTER chassis again. I immediately felt comfortable in my new team. The collaboration between the bosses and the technicians was open, fair, very professional but personable. Then I finally made a breakthrough, in San Marino I was able to stand on top of the podium and celebrate victory! A huge disappointment followed for me and my crew when I was subsequently disqualified for using banned oil in my machine. Then my whole world came crashing down when Stefan Kiefer, who was not only my boss, but my advisor, and most of all my friend, suddenly passed away. I had to digest this bitter experience for a long time, which was very difficult. The team had become another after Stefan's passing.

The 2018 season was not a good start, my way was no longer up. I couldn’t  get up to speed with the Kiefer Racing Team.  Various difficulties often got in the way of achieving good results. I could not drive my machine to full potential, and in the midst of the season, another uninvited crash in enduro riding (my other passion besides the Moto2 racing)  threw me off track, physically weakened me aswell. I needed time to heal and for rehabilitation, which I did not really have.  My collaboration with the "Kiefer Racing Team" came to an end, as did the 2018 season.

Once again, I built and gathered all my strength and looked for a new team. I was fortunate to be signed up with the Italian "MV Agusta Forward Racing Team". This young, motivated crew, with their team Principal, Giovanni Cuzari, gives me the hope, the confidence and the courage to try again, to give my all with "MV Agusta Forward Racing Team"  in the 2019 season, and celebrate success all over again. We are now at work, testing technology and equipment to be ready for the Moto2 GP in Qatar on March 10, 2019.

"I will go for it and give Full Gas!"

Your Domi # 77


Dominique Aegerter

Resides in: 4938 Rohrbach
Date of birth: 30.09.1990
Profession: Motorradrennfahrer
Motorcycle: Moto2 – MV Agusta
Hobbies: Motocross
Example: Kenny Roberts