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Since its foundation in 1919, Lanz-Anliker AG has developed into a company that is engaged nationally and internationally in technical manufacturing. Today, the company employs more than 70 people. In the beginning, a saddlery was a pure craft producer. Today, the manufacturing of demanding technical products is accomplished thanks to efficient production with a state-of-the-art machine park. The development of technical textiles is our greatest strength!

Our decades of experience in furnace and fireplace construction set us apart. There is no use and design option that we do not know and cannot realize. Hot and cold flames, wood or gas, stoves and even storage systems with integrated heating water.

Doesn't work, doesn't exist.

The highlight is our effect fire from Kreafeuer swiss finish. Cold flames for a perfect feel-good atmosphere, without radiating heat and danger. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, public buildings or at home in the living room or bedroom. Do you want to find out more? From page 12 you will find all the information about our water vapor effect fire. We produce all individual designs in our company in Heimberg. This enables us to fulfill every customer request and literally put our hands on fire for the highest Swiss quality.

We would like to share our knowledge, our know-how and our constantly new ideas with you. We are already burning for your fire.


We are the car and motorcycle driving school in your region. Whether you live in the greater Solothurn, Grenchen or Wangen an der Aare, I'll pick you up at your home. Would you like to be at your job or in town? No problem, we meet where it is easiest for you. Even after the driving lesson, it is possible that we will drop you off at the place of your choice in the test area. This makes it even easier to include the driving lesson in scheduling.
My goal is to prepare you well for the driving test and road traffic, so you are safe to travel. With modern media and methods every driving lesson becomes an interesting experience. The focus is on getting you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, a little fun should not be missed!

iXS is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle clothing, protective equipment, and sports clothing for motorcyclists and mountain bikers. Thanks to constant research, we use the latest high-tech materials and manufacturing processes. Long-standing production partners and internal quality management guarantee the highest manufacturing standards.

At Honda, motorcycles are built with passion - riders and travel are at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to our many years of racing experience, every motorcycle that we build is still manufactured with the utmost perfection. That is why the tiniest detail is important to us; When you are out and about with your Honda, you should feel the same joy that we had with its construction.
Our environmental impact is as important to us as the latest technology. That's why we focus on new ideas that aim to make the world a better place.

Simpex Electronic AG, headquartered in Wetzikon ZH and with a branch in Cressier, is a leading trading company in the field of industrial electronics, production and LED lighting technology in the Swiss market. The company is characterized by its high level of expertise in components, assemblies and customer-specific solutions. In close cooperation with its customers, Simpex develops, produces and integrates high-quality system solutions. Strong sales cooperation enables a wide range of standard products to custom design solutions. Consistent customer focus, short decision-making processes and targeted cost management make it possible to respond flexibly to current needs.

Fankhauser Fahrzeugbau has stood for high-quality products for over 39 years, which are specially tailored to the needs of the customer. It does not matter how unusual the wishes of the customers are. One guiding principle is "We turn your ideas to wheels".
Fankhauser AG stands for Swiss quality, puts the customer at the center and works with the latest technologies and innovations. In addition to reliability, reliability and sustainability, Fankhauser AG is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Training apprentices is a high priority at Fankhauser AG and we strive to train young and successful professionals.
At the company Fankhauser AG one can in addition to individual customer requests, box bodies, dump bodies, open bridges, tarpaulins, large and small trailers and car transporters, sales vehicles and trailers, workshop equipment, municipal vehicles, semi-trailers, crane vehicles, conversions on tractors, installation of brake systems, surcharges on 6 Order tons of towing capacity, etc. in heavy as well as light vehicle construction. Not to forget the repairs, service offers around the trailer and the vehicle body.
Come and convince yourself of the company Fankhauser AG!

For more than 40 years we have been the general importer for the well-known MAMMUT LIFT lifting platforms for commercial vehicles. With around 40 different MAMMUT LIFT models, we have a sophisticated product mix that is optimally tailored to the needs of the Swiss commercial vehicle market.

The Speedy Gonzales Fan Club emerged from a motorcycle enthusiast group from Malters, who gave local motorcycle racers Kaufmann Hans, Sidler Beat and Wolhuser Birrer Franz moral support at races at home and abroad. After the obligatory and always cozy celebrations, a black hat always went around, where everyone threw in a small chunk for the racing drivers so that they could fill up with a new tire, the fuel tank or buy spare parts. Some were concerned about how to support the drivers even better. It was decided to found a club and so the Speedy Gonzales Fan Club was founded on December 7, 1982. The first motorcycle exhibition was then organized in 1983. Now the racers could be better supported with the membership fees and the exhibition.

Our bags were inspired by the traditional Swiss sport of swinging. Swing has developed in recent years into a modern sport that combines traditions and progress and stands for fairness. In the same way, Royal products combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design. And above all, they are all fairly produced. But we were not only inspired by the sport of swinging in the philosophy of our brand, but also in the selection of our materials. This is how the main component of our products became Leinenzwilch, which we call “the stuff that holds”. Because in this material the bad guys (that's what the vibrators are called) are swung through the air. We thought that if you could use this material to swing a person who can easily weigh more than 100 kilograms through the air, we can call the material with a clear conscience "the material that holds". We further thought that a fabric of such quality would be the ideal basis for fabric bags and backpacks. We were also thrilled that “the material that lasts” is a natural product. Whose raw material can also be planted in Switzerland. It was therefore clear to us that our products should be made from the material that holds.

pixels & points has more than 15 years' experience in Web design, which links the necessary technical expertise with the specific design requirements of digital communication. We develop the sensible concept for a company, association or private individual and we use technically-sophisticated applications to create professional Internet presences and Web portals. is Dominique's web and hosting partner since 2012.

Hertz is setting new standards with its products and services - one of the reasons why the Swiss have been using this car rental service for over 60 years. The fleet mix of more than 125 different models offers a suitable offer for every customer need. The distinctive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty programme is the fastest and most convenient way to rent a car worldwide and offers Hertz customers priceless advantages. Non-stop car hire - corporate customers appreciate the accelerated service that starts with the reservation.
With the Hertz MiniLease car subscription, Hertz Switzerland also offers maximum flexibility for long-term rentals - starting at 30 days and without registration fees or extra charges.

The Moto Club Koppigen and the surrounding area maintains camaraderie and conviviality with various
common events with and without a motorcycle ... is financially, politically and denominationally independent. We offer everyone the opportunity to take part in the club events.
We are innovative and open to new ideas.
Perform exits for motorcycles and small motorcycles.
Every year we hold a motorcycle lawn race for amateurs and every three years the Kappelen Memorial near Wynigen.
(Vintage mountain test for motorcycles and sidecars)